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Ventora Medical Completes the MedTech Actuator

Ventora Medical has officially completed the MedTech Actuator™ accelerator program. The flagship accelerator is a 15-month industry-led, venture-backed program that provides mentorship, medical technology commercialisation curriculum and access to a large network of industry experts, founders and investors.

During the accelerator program, Ventora Medical participated in one-week intensive sprints which included workshops, seminars and panel discussions covering a wide range of medical device commercialisation topics. The MedTech Actuator also connected Ventora to their unrivalled network of commercialisation experts and startup alumni which has enabled Ventora to find and fill gaps within the team’s collective experience and accelerate the development of the company.

Demo Day

In February, Ventora Medical pitched at the MedTech Actuator’s Demo Day, marking the end of the 6-month intensive part of the program. At Demo Day, Ventora Medical connected with industry leaders and investors as it prepared to open an angel investment round in the coming months.

Since joining the program in July 2019, Ventora Medical has secured seed funding through venture partner Artesian, developed a to-scale proof of concept device, submitted a PCT patent application and is close to closing an angel investment round.

Ventora Medical is proud to join the MedTech Actuator alumni network across the Asia Pacific region and would like to give a big thank you to the MedTech Actuator team for their ongoing support. Special mention to the startup founders of cohort 4 for making the journey as enjoyable as it was.

Click here to read Ventora’s interview with the MedTech Actuator.


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