Our Story

Ventora Medical was born out of the Stanford-inspired BioDesign Innovation program at the University of Melbourne, where co-founders Edward Buijs, Alan Haszard and Amy Yu were brought together from the Melbourne School of Engineering and Melbourne Business School.

Driven by customer needs, Ventora Medical prides itself on obtaining an intimate understanding of both the healthcare professional and patient perspectives. This deep understanding of the problem allows Ventora to develop innovative solutions to improve patient care.

Our passion for helping premature babies breathe is what drives Ventora Medical to succeed as we endeavour to empower clinicians through innovation.


Our Team


Edward Buijs

Chief Executive Officer


black and white headshot copy.png

Amy Yu

Chief Technology Officer


BSc (Bioengineering Systems)

M-Eng (Biomedical with Business - First Class Honours)

Edward is a Biomedical Engineer and entrepreneur who is passionate about making a difference in healthcare through medical device development. A natural leader and speaker, Edward leverages his unique combination of skills in science, engineering and business to lead Ventora’s commercialisation strategy and execution. In 2021 Edward was named alongside his co-founder Amy on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Asia Pacific for his work at Ventora. As CEO, Edward is responsible for managing strategy and business operations.

BSc (Chemical Engineering and Pathology)

M-Eng (Biomedical with Business - First Class Honours)

Amy is a Biomedical Engineer with a strong passion for innovation and engineering and its application in healthcare. She has experience in both engineering and research roles at OMX Solutions and BioFab3D (St Vincent’s Hospital) in which she developed a strong understanding of the medical device development process. In 2021 Amy was named alongside her co-founder Edward on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Asia Pacific for her work at Ventora. As CTO, Amy leads the product development team and supports Ventora’s business and commercialisation strategies.


Alan Haszard

Chief Commercial Officer



Associate Professor

Christiane Theda

Lead Clinical Advisor


BSc (Structural Anatomy)

BCom (International Business)

MBA (First Class Honours, Dean’s Honours List)

Alan has 15+ years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries leading marketing strategies and building sales teams. He has a background in structural anatomy, commerce and business and currently manages a national hospital sales team at Pfizer Australia. At Ventora, Alan uses his extensive experience in pharmaceutical start-ups (including the launch of an Australian affiliate) to help lead strategic marketing business activities and stakeholder engagement.


A/Prof Christiane Theda is a Neonatologist at The Royal Women’s Hospital and an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne. She has over 30 years of experience as a neonatal consultant in Australia and the US and is passionate about commercialising new innovations to improve clinical practice and health outcomes for patients. At Ventora, Christiane provides clinical insight on product development and leads clinical research.