Empowering clinicians through innovation.

Helping premature babies breathe.

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At Ventora, we believe in empowering clinicians through innovation. We develop simple, user-focused products which provide clinicians with the tools necessary to make informed clinical decisions and improve patient care.


Our first application is the development of a continuous airway pressure monitoring device for premature infants. This device will improve the accuracy of air pressure delivery to neonates, allow clinicians to reduce the incidence and impact of further breathing complications and save hospitals time and money by reducing the patient’s length of stay.

Helping premature babies breathe is what drives our team to succeed as we continue to discover and address real clinical needs and empower clinicians through innovation.

Despite being necessary for life outside of the womb, a baby’s lungs are some of the last structures to finish developing during pregnancy. As a result, the vast majority of very premature infants require some form of breathing support to survive.


Current non-invasive breathing support systems attempt to keep the lungs open and inflated between breaths by providing a positive air pressure or flow to the infant’s respiratory system. However, due to various leaks (which are unaccounted for) clinicians are forced to use a trial and error method when setting the level of support.

Delivering a pressure which is too high or too low can have serious health consequences for the baby. It results in slower physical development, increased length of stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and higher morbidity rates later in life.

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